10 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wear Crocs

Why you should have left your Crocs back in 2006.

10 Reason Why You Shouldnt Wear Crocs

Madison Paddock, Managing Editor

Recently, the rubber shoes formally known as Crocs seem to be coming back into style. Well, if they can even be called stylish. Here are 10 reasons why Crocs should be packed back up, shoved to the back of the closet or just straight up thrown away.

10. Blisters.

It is impossible to go more than an hour in Crocs without the hard plastic sides creating terrible blisters on the sides and backs of the feet. Wearing a pair of rubber shoes is not worth the agonizing pain that will result.

9. Foot sweat, and consequentially, smelly feet.

The rubbery insides of Crocs cause terrible foot sweat, leaving Croc-wearers doomed to have terribly smelling feet for the whole day.

8. Not ideal for unpredictable weather.

Living in the Midwest, the weather is extremely unpredictable. One second it is 75 and sunny, the next it is the polar vortex. Crocs do not provide the correct protection needed to face freezing cold snow or large puddles of rain.

7. What are you supposed to wear with them?

No matter whether they are fur-lined, sandals or classic Crocs, they do not look good with any outfit. They are not formal enough to wear with a dress, look awkward paired with any style of jeans and make sweatpants look like part of a clown suit.

6. Danger.

Crocs are terribly dangerous due to the multitude of holes on the top of the shoes. Meant to provide ventilation for overheated feet, all they really do is allow sharp objects to impale the foot at any time.

5. Not good for activities.

There is not much to be done while wearing Crocs. They can’t be worn in a business setting. Running, biking, hiking or any sort of physical activity besides walking is out of the question. They are also not ideal for getting somewhere in a hurry.

4. Not durable.

The Crocs website is filled with terrible reviews of the quality of Crocs. Many poor buyers experience defective Crocs or Crocs whose straps break in a matter of weeks. These shoes are simply not durable.

3. Overpriced.

For being such a cheaply made shoe, one would think that Crocs would be reasonably priced. Wrong. Crocs are terribly overpriced. People are paying over $34 for two pieces of plastic, and even more for ‘special’ versions of the shoe.

2. Childish.

It’s as simple as this, one cannot be taken seriously if they are wearing brightly colored pieces of plastic splattered with princess and cartoon character “Jibbits” on their feet. Two things that can never be accomplished while wearing Crocs: getting hired for a job and getting asked on a date.

1. They’re just plain UGLY.

One reviewer on the Crocs website summed it up pretty well when they wrote, “These were the ugliest shoes I’ve ever owned. They are very expensive for such ugly shoes. Crocs are so 2005. It’s not like you can even wear crocs every day they don’t match with anything. That’s all I have to say about these ugly clogs but I mean if you like the style go ahead and buy them. I’d give it a 0 rating if I could.”

Crocs are just simply offensive to the eyes and should not be worn under any circumstances, ever.