A Meaning to Remember

Some people may not recognize how important Martin Luther King Jr. was to our society as a whole.


Wikimedia Commons

Martin Luther King Jr. made a big impact on the world.

Many people forget about the true meaning behind Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and simply think of it as a day off. Martin Luther King Jr. was known for his contributions to the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Also, he advocated for nonviolent methods of protest.

“It seems like lots of people forget about this day since it happened so long ago,” sophomore Kelsi Sheren said. “Most students usually just think of it as a day off from school.”

He was a well known civil rights leader and activist who had a huge influence on American society. He is also famous for his “I Have a Dream” speech, which was about economic and civil rights while putting an end to racism.

“He made an impact on the world,” sophomore Mazi Holt said. “He helped resolve racism and now it isn’t one of the biggest problems in the world anymore.”

He was able to peacefully help the movement by preaching words, and advocating against violence. 

“He made a positive effect by using his words against the world to show racial equality,” sophomore Kaitlyn Bargamian said.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day that should be acknowledged by everyone. Even though people tend to forget about this day, he made a huge impact on the world and should not be forgotten.