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An Open Letter to Those Who Dislike Crocs

Popular shoe wear Crocs often bombarded with hate, an open letter to all of the haters.


To those who dislike Crocs,

What do you have against wearing Crocs? Crocs are rubber shoes that became popular in 2002 in Florida. They have all the colors of the rainbow and more, and some have fuzz in the shoes. Whatever the situation, Crocs have endless possibilities. Plus, do not get me started on the Jibbitz.

“Jibbitz” are the inserts that you put in the holes of Crocs to make the shoe creative and unique.  There are hundreds of styles, and thousands of combinations that are created to fit Crocs perfectly.

I get that Crocs are not the average day shoe to wear, but in the end they are just another pair. Crocs are comfortable; they are easy slip-ons, so it is easy to go to Walmart or just go walk your dog. The only time when Crocs can be uncomfortable is during the winter, when the cold slips through the holes. However, fuzzy socks solve this problem immediately

Many athletes wear Crocs when wearing cleats or other shoes for a sport are inappropriate or uncomfortable. The durable, comfortable nature of Crocs make them a good substitute for certain shoes for short periods of time. In addition, Crocs are not nearly as expensive as athletic shoes. Crocs are normally $40.00, but if you go at the right time you can “buy one, get one 50% off.”

In Croc Nation, Tuesdays are not just regular Tuesdays, it is the designated day to wear crocs.

Crocs are the perfect shoe for so many occasions. That’s why Antioch’s “Croc Nation” wears Crocs every Tuesday. So next time, don’t hate. Just appreciate. Don’t judge someone because they are wearing Crocs.


Have a good day!

Croc lovers everywhere

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An Open Letter to Those Who Dislike Crocs