Athlete Q & A: Kelsi Sheren

The quiet, yet humble dancer who is looking for a spotlight.

Athan Kaliakmanis

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Sophomore Kelsi Sheren is a radiant person in her second year on the varsity dance team. She sat down with Tom Tommers Athan Kaliakmanis and Kevin Tamayo and discussed her dance season and goals.

Tom Tom: What made you want to dance?

Kelsi Sheren: For me, what makes me want to dance is being able to tell my own story or other people’s stories through my movement instead of words.

TT: How has dancing impacted your life?

KS: I feel like dance has taught me a lot of life lessons. For example, you can’t expect everything to be handed to you, you have to work for everything. Whether it’s just a placement in a dance or a scholarship at a competition, you have to work for everything you want.

TT: What types of relationships have you built in dance?

KS: I think definitely friendships. Kara was a person I danced with at a studio and she left the studio, but I have met so many other friends at different studios. Being able to build that connection is very important on the team. It has truly helped me develop connections throughout other people to.

what makes me want to dance is being able to tell my own story or other people’s stories through my movement instead of words.”

— Sophomore Kelsi Sheren

TT: How important is dance to you?

KS: It’s so important because I have been introverted since I was younger. So, being able to use my expression throughout my body, to express what I’m feeling, and express how I want my outcomes to be in life.

TT: What role do you have on the team this year?

KS: This year I am an official varsity member, I am no longer an alternate. This year I feel like I play a big role. I feel like in our entire dance, everyone has their own parts that portrays to the songs meaning and supporting each other. I feel like everyone has a big role on the dance team at all times.

TT: Why do you like to dance so much?

KS: Going back to what I said, being able to express myself is awesome, but seeing other people be able to express themselves is really cool. It makes you feel something without them saying one word to you. They could just look at you and give you this daring look or move their arm a specific way and you’re amazed.

TT: What is something you need to know as a dancer?

KS: You need to know that hard work does pay off eventually. You feel like you’re stuck in places and you’ll never get to your goals, but you have to know that your hard work will pay off. If people tell you differently, you’ll know you’ll be able to prove them wrong in the future.

TT: What are some of your goals this year?

KS: My goals right now is just to be the best I can for my team, so we can hopefully reach the podium this year.