Basketball Traditions

The girl's basketball team keep old customs with the new season.


Jimmy John's

With the girl’s basketball season starting, the girls are going back to their old pre-game traditions for good luck.

“Before each game we like to go to Jimmy John’s,” sophomore Piper Foote said. “When we go we usually talk about upcoming games and players, as well as funny stories that happened at school. We have gotten very close because of it.”

The girls like to go out before each game to eat food and talk about their upcoming opponents. With all this team bonding the girls are becoming closer to one another and are playing great while doing so. Another thing the girls like to do before games is make goals for themselves to achieve in the game.

“As a team we push each other to achieve these goals. When we reach them we are very excited to know that our work has paid off,” Foote said.

The team works together to help their teammates reach their goals. After knowing they reached their goal, they work harder through the rest of the games. Teamwork along with motivation are key values to the girls upcoming season.

Come support the girls at their next game Friday, December 2 at Grant at 7pm.