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Meditation is a great way to learn more about one's self.

Diving Deep into Meditation

Grace Semple, Tom Tom Staff
December 2, 2020
The PlayStation Vita was joke to many large titles, such as MLB The Show. For several years these games found a new home in the PlayStation Vita, allowing them to be played mobile rather on the standard console. After 2015 though, the MLB games were dropped from the console, showing off the new end for the PlayStation Vita.

Sony Abandoned Handheld Gaming

Jake Ilkka, Tom Tom Staff
October 15, 2020
Sophomore Carissa Lozano standing in front of Richardson's Farm while abiding to new safety precautions.

Finding Safe Fun During COVID-19

Julia Maton, Tom Tom Staff
October 10, 2020
Social media has many different uses than one might think. It has the opportunity to educate people- whether that information is false or not- or change their perception of reality or even themselves.

The Real World of Social Media

Grace Semple, Tom Tom Staff
October 7, 2020
Makeup can come in many different forms and used in different ways. Eye shadow, bronzer and mascara can also be an art form to some.

More than Makeup

Kara Galarneau, Tom Tom Staff
October 7, 2020
Self care and growth can come in many forms, including picking up a new hobby. Senior Ngoc Tran challenged herself to learn how to skateboard regularly practices her skills.

Being Alone, Not Lonely

Kathleen Quirke, Tom Tom Staff
October 6, 2020
After a vivid dream, one can often find themselves wacking up scared or confused. ACHS student Ashton Swanson replicates this experience in the photo.

Consequence Of COVID-19 On Dreams

Olivia Gerhardt, Tom Tom Staff
September 23, 2020
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