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The Devil You Know…

The Devil You Know…

June 11, 2020

You are a princess. Unlike the rest, you don’t rely on animals to keep you company or a fairy godmother...

As the coronavirus continues to rapidly spread many safety measures have been put in action. The virus has caused many to stock up on necessary toiletries and food incase of a possible quarantine.

Spread of the Coronavirus and Potential Precautions

March 12, 2020

Many scientists around the world are currently working to find a possible cure for COVID-19. While the sp...

In this photo made with a long exposure, people walk by the Spanish Steps in Rome. This can resemble how life may feel when a gap year is taken, time has the potential to pass by quickly

Benefits of taking a Gap Year

March 12, 2020

Taking a year off between high school graduation and the start of college is something that interests man...

39 students are no longer going on the ACHS 2020 Japan trip until either July or December of this year.

Antioch Community High School Japan Trip Postponed

March 11, 2020

The Antioch Community High school 2020 trip to Japan has been in the planning stages since August of...

District 34's creation of the mental health section is incomplete. This leaves students wondering what is to come in the near future.

Concerns with Mental Health For District 34

March 11, 2020

The new mental health section on the District 34 website although, currently a blank slate, is drawing atten...

 When any amount of snow sticks to the ground most students hope and feel it is necessary for a snow day. From adults they feel students are never in school and conditions are safe and minimal.

No More Snow Days

March 3, 2020

Last year multiple school days were cancelled due to either an extreme amount of snow or extreme negat...

Festive decorations are put up on the choir room doors to happily welcome students in.

Auditioning for A capella

February 26, 2020

A capella choir is the top choir at Antioch Community High School. The audition process for this choir...

Sound boards and turn tables progressively got more relevant in the world of hip hop during the 1990s.

The Evolution of Hip Hop

February 21, 2020

The genre of hip hop was first developed during the very end of the 1970s in The Bronx, New York by inner...

Our winner was Kool-Aid, while our loser was Honest Kids.

Tom Tom Tastes: Juice Boxes

February 20, 2020

Sometimes I find myself craving random things. One of those random things is juice boxes, and I decided t...

Inner monologue works through different people minds at different times.

Not Everyone Hears Voices

February 20, 2020

Most people have what’s called an internal monologue. This is the inner voice that narrates your though...

The Alcatraz escapees caused many conspiracy theories leaving people wondering what had happened to them.

Alcatraz Prison Escape Conspiracy Theory

February 19, 2020

Alcatraz was a federal prison in California’s San Francisco Bay. According to, it housed some ...

On Valentines Day, couples can decide to spend their day together in many ways to celebrate their relationship.

Valentines Day: Fancy vs Casual

February 13, 2020

While Valentine's Day is around the corner, teenagers are beginning to plan their date with their spec...

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