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Social media has many different uses than one might think. It has the opportunity to educate people- whether that information is false or not- or change their perception of reality or even themselves.

The Real World of Social Media

Grace Semple, Tom Tom Staff
October 7, 2020
In this photo made with a long exposure, people walk by the Spanish Steps in Rome. This can resemble how life may feel when a gap year is taken, time has the potential to pass by quickly

Benefits of taking a Gap Year

Sarah Smith, Tom Tom Managing Editor
March 12, 2020
 When any amount of snow sticks to the ground most students hope and feel it is necessary for a snow day. From adults they feel students are never in school and conditions are safe and minimal.

No More Snow Days

Lena De Vore, Content Editor
March 3, 2020
Our winner was Kool-Aid, while our loser was Honest Kids.

Tom Tom Tastes: Juice Boxes

Lila Heilig, Tom Tom Staff
February 20, 2020
The Alcatraz escapees caused many conspiracy theories leaving people wondering what had happened to them.

Alcatraz Prison Escape Conspiracy Theory

Diya Schon, Tom Tom Staff
February 19, 2020
At the end of the fifth week, there was a second rose ceremony. Women Shiann Lewis and Lexi Buchanan did not receive roses.

Picking Petals: Episode Five

Kourtni Weldon, Tom Tom Staff
February 6, 2020
Saying the words

The Decrease in Divorce Rates

Olivia Gerhardt, Tom Tom Staff
February 2, 2020
TikTok is locking away everyone's information and could potentially use it for something dangerous.

TikTok’s Location Tracking

Lena De Vore, Content Editor
January 30, 2020
Playing the random game of chance known as plucking petals or he loves me, he loves me not, is the deciding factor of someone liking you or not. People can pluck millions of petals and never get the answer they want. A never ending cycle of pain; that drive can drive someone into madness.

Poisoned by Petals

Gabby Debevec, Tom Tom Staff
January 30, 2020
Chicago is one of the most iconic cities in the United States. One of the things that makes it so unique is the variety of culture in the city and more importantly, food.

The Best Restaurants of Chicago

Reagan Brewer, Tom Tom staff
January 29, 2020

Tiny Love Stories

Mollie Wagner, Content Editor
January 17, 2020
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