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Goodwill is one of the multiple thrift stores around Antioch that sells cheap used clothing.

Getting First-Hand Advice about Second-Hand Fashion

January 30, 2020

Thrift shopping is a sustainable way for consumers to go shopping. This offers lower prices and good...

Animal print, sherpas and accessories like scrunchies and vans were popular back in the day. Now all those trends are are making their way into 2020.

Looking Back at 2019 Fashion

January 16, 2020

  The year of 2019 brought back lots of old fashion trends and still has trends going on that ...

Filming a Fake Smile

Filming a Fake Smile

December 17, 2019

Mental health has been gaining awareness throughout recent years. This topic has become more known as...

Sophomore Leo Reband’s love for chicken nuggets surpasses reason. This sentiment is consistent among students of ACHS; however, there are many options for students who are looking to indulge in chicken nugget cravings. “One of my favorite places to eat is Wendys,” Reband said. “I love how the nuggets have that spicy and tangy flavor about them.”

All About the Nugs

December 17, 2019

America changed the world of food in 1955 with the opening of McDonalds. As McDonalds grew over the years,...

Students choose to consume energy labeled beverages over something healthier, like water. This raises concerns due to the large amounts of caffeine and sugar found in the beverage.

Craving for Caffeine

October 23, 2019

For just over two dollars, a cocktail composed of sugar and caffeine creates an easily accessible co...

Sophomore Autumn RIzzo is wearing a black jumpsuit with a plaid tank top.

Diving into 2019 Fall Fashion Trends

October 14, 2019

Fall has just begun and various fashion trends are on the rise. The change of seasons brings new pat...

Students have different options when deciding where to get their seasonal drinks. The Starbucks and Dunkin’ in Antioch are popular places to get coffee and pastries. Many ACHS students are drawn to the convenience of each place in satisfying their pumpkin spice needs.

The Pumpkin Spice Craze

October 2, 2019

The fall season is an important time for the pumpkin spice trend due to people being obsessed with anything...

“NBA Live 18” was the first basketball video game to add the WNBA in recent times. Now, “NBA2K20” added the WNBA without the option for players to create their own female players, after last year’s “NBA Live 19” was released with the feature.

NBA2K20 Adds Women Into the Game

September 16, 2019

NBA2K20 aims to provide a more realistic feature than some of the other sports games on the market: the...

While pumpkin chocolate chip cookies may not look like the average treat, they taste just as good.

How to: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

September 16, 2019

The recipe to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies is a simple one, and most often takes no longer than...

This is the opening image to the app. Once the app is opened, viewers either get a look at the

New Trend Waves Over Gen Z

September 3, 2019

As a new year comes about, new trends are not short behind. For the past year, the app Tik Tok has been ...

Video Games on the Horizon

Jake Ilkka, Tom Tom Staff

January 25, 2019

A number of Triple-A video game development companies recently announced their major game releases for 2019. These are four of the major releases: “Kingdom Hearts III” (Jan. 29)—an action-RPG set in the worlds of Disney and Pixar movies. It is set to release on XBOX ONE, PC and Playstation 4. While these games may not ap...

Lots of people are commonly found wearing jeans and a sweater during the fall and winter.

Change of Weather and Change of Clothing

December 6, 2018

As the seasons start to change, so do the clothing trends. In the summer, people are commonly found weari...

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