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Students in German Club are pushing to raising money for the various activities they participate in throughout the year. This year, they sold Haribo gummy bears.

Haribo Goldbears Travel 5,000 Miles to Bring German Culture into ACHS

November 12, 2019

The German Club is selling packages of gummy bears or sour S’ghetties for two dollars each at Communi...

On Thursday, November 9, Sports Medicine students learned the anatomy. They learned through diagrams and drawing on their own foot.

Sports Medicine Looks to Give Students Real World Experiences

November 11, 2019

Certain athletic events, such as football, get a lot of recognition from the community, but the people w...

Grayslake residents were affected by the burst in the water pressure because the water was unsafe to use.

Grayslake Water Supply Leads to Another Concern

November 8, 2019

The Grayslake Township sent out concerns this morning about their water supply; according to the Patch,...

Teenage students often times find themselves distracted by their technology, when independent work time is given.

Phones Affect Teens Attention Spans While Completing Homework

November 8, 2019

Mobile devices entertain teens while interrupting their focus from homework. A study from Child Mind Institu...

Mathematics Teacher Michael McDermott finds chromebooks have been beneficial in his class. He uses Google classroom to post assignments and practice pages for his students.

ACHS Excels With Technology

November 8, 2019

By giving Chromebooks to all Sequoits, Community High School District 117 has ensured student’s suc...

Antioch Community High School students find that multitasking during school can lead to stressful situations.

Mobile Devices Encourage Multitasking

November 8, 2019

For students, using technology allows for multitasking and building stronger social connections. For teacher...

District 46 teachers and supporters walk the picket line on Novermber 7th.

Grayslake District 46 Teachers Decide to Strike

November 7, 2019

Starting on Thursday November 7, Grayslake District 46 decided to go on strike. The union's decision...

Some people have reviewed positive comments on the weight and design, but it is also mentioned that they don't have the best sounds in headphones but they are better than the older Airpods.

New Airpods Pro

November 6, 2019

On October 30, Apple released a newer version of their Airpod headphones called Airpods Pro. These Airpo...

Sequoit offense walking onto the field just games before the playoffs will begin. With the Sequoits just beginning their playoff run they are ready for more.

CPS Strike vs IHSA State Playoffs

November 1, 2019

As the IHSA playoffs are near for the Sequoit football team, there has been a problem arising with in ...

Junior Mickena Prochnow does her homework on the couch under a blanket to stay warm. Needing to clock in five total hours of screen time, students must use their time at home sparingly and not get distracted.

Snow Days Soon to Go Extinct

October 31, 2019

Winter is the season where many students wake up anticipating a large amount of snowfall, resulting i...

Teachers, parents, and pedestrians have been involved in the strike. According to the Chicago Tribune, the CTU and the CPS are currently negotiating to find solutions.

Chicago Teachers Union Goes On Strike

October 29, 2019

UPDATE: According to the Chicago Tribune, the teacher strike has been suspended and students will be...

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