Chipotle- Chip or Dip?

Chipotle is a big trend oin the food chain, will people dip in or stay for a chip?

Mollie Wagner

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Fast food has taken the world by storm in the past decade. New releases of greasy and expensive places have possessed the minds of teens on a whole new level.

Chipotle is the perfect American spin on Mexican food and completely organic. People can mix and match their favorite things for something so great and super affordable. There are so many different options to choose from, unlike most fast food menus. It’s high quality and is definitely worth every penny. The only downside of Chipotle is the drive, considering there isn’t an establishment in Antioch. The closest Chipotle is either in Round Lake or Gurnee.

Chipotle is very family friendly, a great place to go with friends or even a good place to go on a date. It is especially beneficial for athletes because it’s filling and has better options for before a game or practice. From custom made tacos, burritos, nachos or a burrito bowl, the possibilities are endless. One can even add guacamole or queso on the side with their lime infused chips.

According to motherjones, “the restaurant touts organic cilantro, locally sourced veggies, antibiotic-free meat and naturally raised pigs.” 

“It’s different than a lot of Mexican food,” sophomore Sarah Smith said. “I like it because I can personalize my order.”

Chipotle is overall a better choice than other fast food restaurants because they provide their customers with the option to choose what they want. They take pride in their locally sourced ingredients, which makes them fresher and their restaurant more sustainable all together.