Class of 2021 Prepare for College

Seniors are sending out college applications and getting ready for their first year of college, but some may be struggling with the process.


Izana Nordhaus

The college process can be difficult for some students due to the varying factors. “The research component of the college search tends to sneak up on people, and it never seems like there is enough time to properly research schools” counselor Brett Heintz said. The added pandemic can make research extra strenuous.

The graduating class of 2021 are currently sending out college applications, which will determine where they will be attending college. Even though many students are excited about a new start, some applicants are realizing the difficulties that come along with applying for colleges. 


“The process of applying is just time-consuming,” senior Ethan Andrews said. “You have to have patience in order for the process to go smoothly.”


A few applicants have expressed that the college essays have been pretty simple, but it’s very time-consuming. Senior Max Ness expressed that the essays consist of prompts that one has to write about themselves. He feels that the college preparation process has not been too stressful for him and that he is very excited for what college holds.


“I honestly have never looked forward to something so much in my life,” Ness said. “I can’t wait for college to happen but at the same time I am kind of nervous about what it holds.”


The college application process can cause both nerves and excitement. Many high school students have been preparing for college through high school by participating in sports. Each year, Antioch Community High School sends students off to college with sports scholarships. This poses a challenge for students as they now have to keep up with their activities and grades while also getting ready for their future college sports careers.


“For Division I and II schools, students must register with the NCAA eligibility center,” counselor Brett Heintz said. “The forms needed are kind of like a resume for a student’s sports activities rather than employment. Students looking to play in college often meet with a college admissions rep in addition to a coach or recruiter.”


One may face many struggles when applying for college. Some students may seek out help during the application process from their school counselors. Part of a counselor’s job is helping the students in all future endeavors, including finding a future college. 


“I think the biggest challenge that I personally have is seeing how stressful the process can be for students,” Heintz said. “It really motivates me to help, which is great because it’s a main component of my job.”


Many seniors are still finishing up their applications and are hoping that they match the requirements of the universities they are applying to. When sending out applications, seniors are excited for the next four years of their lives and many can’t wait for what they hold.