Contact Days, Cancelled Days

Fall contact days have been cancelled due to the uptick in COVID-19 cases.


Austin Stewart

Fall sports’, including football, contact days have been cancelled.

Due to COVID-19, many fall sports were moved to different seasons. In recent weeks, the Illinois High School Association had allowed for baseball, cheerleading, football, field hockey and softball, to have 20 days of contact. 


Each day of contact allowed for the chance that someone could contract COVID-19. Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in Lake County, District 117 cancelled these contact days to prevent the possible spread of the virus. Many students were disappointed to hear that their sport had been delayed again. 


“After not cheering for over six months, having these contact days brought me joy,” junior Hadde Luebke said. “Now that we have lost these days again, it feels like there is nothing to look forward to anymore.”


In addition to cheerleading, football, baseball and softball have also been post-poned again.


“[Losing contact days] sucks,” senior Ethan Andrews said. “ First we lost our season last year, and now we can’t even practice.”


Many athletes have used sports as a way to relax and destress during this uncertain time. For some athletes, sports was an escape from their lives in a safe space. Sports practices helped to create bonds and lasting friendships. With contact says being canceled, athletes are unable to see their teammates and play the sport they love. 


“I was devastated to hear that we couldn’t play anymore,” junior Wesley Anderson said. “Those days kept the team ready for the season ahead.”


While all decisions have been made in the best interest of the athletes and coaches, post-poning sports seasons has received negative feedback. There is hope that 2020 sports seasons will be able to continue in the winter and spring, but all contact days and practices have been cancelled until further notice.