Dancing to a New Beat

Dance team receives a fresh start with new coach.

Jason Wood

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May 11, 2018

New Antioch Dance coach Stephanie Kischuk brings a different coaching style to the team. More critical and observant, her methods are already improving their routines.

Kischuk comes to Antioch from Wauconda, which means a new way of directing. For the girls, it’s more reflection on their practice and performance.

“The year she has made all of the dancers create goals for ourselves every so often, which has definitely helped improve my dancing skills,” varsity captain Brianna Chastain said.

Both of the varsity captains appreciate the new approach.

“At first people weren’t used to her coaching style, but I think all of us have learned to love her and to appreciate how she coaches and realize that she does everything for the betterment of the team,” captain Brittany Bluthardt said.