DIY: Confetti Cannon on the Loose

Add a pop to any party with these homemade party poppers.

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DIY: Confetti Cannon on the Loose

With a new year comes new celebrations, and the homemade confetti cannon is a perfect way to accentuate any party. They make perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, and add an exciting surprise to every occasion. Just follow these simple steps to create these party poppers and add a dash of glitter to the party.


  • Toilet paper tubes (or wrapping paper tubes)
  • Decorative paper
  • Markers
  • Balloons
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Confetti

Step One: Making Confetti

Take a few sheets of the decorative paper and cut them into confetti sized squares (1 cm x 1cm). Then set these aside to stuff the party poppers with.

Step Two: Decorating The Tubes

Use the rest of the paper to decorate the tubes. Cut them into strips and tape them to the tubes. Then use markers to add personal touches to each tube. Add a ring of Washi tape to the top of the tube.

Step 3: Balloon Bottoms

Tie a knot in the bottom of the balloon, then cut the top off. Stretch the bottom half over one side of the tube and tape it in place with Washi tape.

Step Four: Blast Off

Stuff each popper with confetti and pull back the balloon. Then release for an exciting explosion. Although they are are smokeless and silent, these confetti cannons are still fun to shoot.


Both freshman Maya Schon and sophomore Cole Kazakeich share their favorite celebration to add a little pop.

“If I had those party poppers, I would save them so that I could use them as fireworks to go off around me on the fourth of July,” Kazakeich said.

Schon agrees that Independence Day needs an extra pop.

“I would use poppers for a holiday such Independence Day,” Schon said. “I would use them for this reason because it is a day of celebration and when I think of poppers, I think of a celebration.”

Regardless of the occasion, these confetti cannons are a great way to add a little extra to every celebration. These party poppers were inspired by Visit the link for more homemade ways to celebrate.