Do You Like Your Name?

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Do You Like Your Name?

Johnny Horton, Tom Tom Staff

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Everyone has a name that sets themselves apart from the rest of society. A title of their own. But the one bad thing about our names is that we don’t get to choose them. So the real question is, do you like your name?

 Most people like their name and are happy with it. They think that it is one of the most unique things about them, but there are others that do not like their name and wish that they could change it.

Junior Peter Togenerelli, said, ” I like my name because its the same name as my dad, and if I could change it, I would change my name to Luke.”

 Even if people don’t like their name, they could always change it or even come up with a cool name.

Junior Kyle Babcock, said, “No, I don’t like the way it sounds and a bunch of other people have the same… name. I would change my name to Xander; it’s a sweet name.”

Whether people like their name or not, it’s not about how your name sounds or what it is. It’s about what people make of their name.


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