Dorm Room Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

Dorm room life hacks for seniors approaching their journey to adulthood: college.

With only a few months left in the school year, seniors are finishing preparation for their post-high school lives. Many are finalizing college plans and planning out the format for their dorm rooms. To make the process easier, here are some simple hacks that are sure to style and organize a dorm room.

“I want my dorm room to comfortable, but also sophisticated at the same too, so like black and white with sparkles,” senior Madison Oakes said.

One method to add a little a little color or a cool design to a wall is using washi tape. Washi tape is an easy-to-peel tape that allows people to design their dorm rooms however they wish without having to paint the walls. This can give people the opportunity to make creative designs on their walls, and when the year is over, the tape is easy to remove.

“I’m most worried about having all the necessities I need in college to be happy sitting in my dorm room and it making look cluttered,” senior RaeAnn Leist said.

A simple way to save space is to separate drawers and closet space into sections. This way, people are able to fit more clothing without having to buying extra boxes for space or having to leave certain pieces at home.

Another hack to help save some space in the dorm room is Solo Cup speakers. Solo Cup speakers are easy to make, cheap and a space saver compared to other bulky speakers.  

These hacks will help make dorms look organized and make them feel like home.