How Lollipops Are Made

This staple candy treat has been around for over 100 years, yet the average person has no idea how they are made.


Allison Smith

Infographic by Allison Smith.

The lollipop has been around for over a century, but the process of making one is not known to many people. The classic treat was created by George Smith in 1908. He used the idea of putting candy on a stick to make it easier to eat, and named the treats after a popular racing horse, Lolly Pop.

Lollipops are made from sugar and corn syrup, but the question is: How do they get made? According to the Dum Dums website, this is how they are made in a factory:

Dum Dums are made from a mixture of corn syrup and sugar. Dry sugar is brought to the candy factory in a train rail car. The sugar is removed from the rail car using clean, hot water. The corn syrup is brought to the candy factory in heated tanker trucks. The liquid sugar and corn syrup are pumped from storage tanks to a pre-cooker, and then the cooking process starts.

The mixture is pumped to the final cooker and cooked under a vacuum. After the candy is cooked, it is placed in a large mixer and the color, flavor and citric or malic acids are mixed into the batch. After these ingredients are added, the batch is mixed.

It is put into a batch roller which extrudes the candy into a press. The press forms the lollipop and inserts the stick. After the candy is formed, it is cooled so that it can harden. After that, they are transported to the wrapping machines then put into packages to be shipped off to stores.

Now the average person obviously doesn’t have all this equipment to make a lollipop, but there are ways to make at home lollipops too. Click here for an easy way to make DIY lollipops.