How Other Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has a wide range of different meanings across the world.

Valentine’s Day is the holiday dedicated to the emotion of love. In America, it is a day when couples buy each other gifts and spend the day together. However, in other countries, their traditions tend to differ from that of America.

One country that has different traditions from America is Japan. While Japan still celebrates Valentine’s Day, the only people who receive gifts on this day are the men. Gifts often involve chocolate, or “Giri Choco,” but they have no association to love. While this day is only dedicated to males, females have a day of their own on March 14 known as “White Day.” On this day, the boys return gifts they receive, plus something else in addition.

For other countries like France, which is best known as the “City of Love,” their present traditions are similar to those in America. There, people exchange love notes and cards. However, French traditions were not always so romantic.

“Singles would fill houses that faced one another, and men will pick his “match” from the house in front,” the International TEFL Academy said. “These events were called ‘Loterie d’amour’ or ‘drawing for love.’”

The result was less than romantic, but as time went by, the traditions transformed into being more romantic.

“Usually for Valentine’s Day I give and receive chocolate,” senior Quinton Heney said.

These international traditions are typically not known by many.

“I always thought it was an American thing,” science teacher Elizabeth Pohlman said.

While all these countries have their differences in traditions, in the end, one thing they all have in common is their dedication to the emotion of love.