How To Shoot a Free a Throw

The basics of shooting a free throw and how to get to the free throw line


Freshman Nayla Loos shooting a free throw during her practice on Wednesday, November 9 for the JV girls basketball team.

A free throw is a shot in basketball that is 15 feet from the basket that nobody guards you while you shoot. You have a total of ten seconds with the ball to catch your breath and to take your time to shoot. The way you would shoot a free throw in a basketball game would be by someone fouling you, which is when someone on the other team pushes you or tries to block your shot when you are shooting the ball.

Now say you had just gotten the shot blocked by the other team, the referee now tells you to go to the free throw line and shoot two free throws. You would be standing behind the line by yourself and then there are people standing along the lane, your teammates and the other team, waiting for you to shoot so they could try to get the rebound.

To perform this shot you should have a certain routine of what you do before you shoot the free throw every time, such as taking a couple dribbles in place or just taking a few deep breaths and shooting the ball.

“I spin the ball, dribble three times, spin it in my hands, and then shoot,” freshman Nayla Loos said.

Now getting to actually shooting the ball, you are going to want to make sure both of your feet are facing the basket, shoulder width apart, and behind the free throw line. Then line up your dominant side with the center of the basket, so if you are right handed then you will put your right foot in line with the middle of basket. Then you will proceed with whichever routine you do when you shoot the free throw.

Next, bend your knees and have the ball by your belly button to get ready to start your shot. Keep your eyes focused on the front of the rim, put your non shooting hand on the side of the ball to keep it balanced. Aim for the basket, bend your legs, shoot the ball all in one motion, and follow through.

With the correct form and enough practice you could make this shot easily with your eyes closed.