iPhone vs. Android

In a generation where having technology is crucial, knowing the in-and-out’s of iPhones and Andriods are a necessity.


Kaylee Schreiner

Snapchat is one of the many apps that iPhone and Android have in common and is a very popular app among teenagers.

Welcome to the “Selfie”generation, known to be called the self-managed entrepreneurship. Teens are constantly on their phones minute by minute checking their apps, emails, gaming, or sending snaps and taking pictures.

One can do everything on these phones from getting instructions on How-To’s to DIY’s or researching products and services. There are a multitude of different styles and platforms of phones and plans that one can purchase from different providers. There are millions of apps someone can download with special features. Technology can do just about anything the user requests. For instance, iPhones have amazing features such as FaceTime which you can use with friends or family.

Sophomore Kara Brooks feels that the iPhone is better than the Android.

“I prefer iPhones for many reasons,” Brooks said. “They take really good pictures, the apps run well and it is easy to send messages.”

Another benefit of the iPhone is “Siri,” which is like having a personal assistant. Siri can help in any situation by doing things such as locating restaurants nearby, friends, navigating Google Maps for directions, watching a movie and even gaming all while being in the palm of the user’s hand. One can also ask Siri a series of questions, like how to spell a word or for a definition.

Although the iPhone has lost of advanced technology, there are some downfalls with this device. There is really no expandable storage or walled garden ecosystem unless the user pays to store things in the Cloud. The walled garden ecosystem is where the server has more control and access to all Apple products which will slow downloads if someone goes over a specific plan with the provider. Some things to keep in mind with different types of iPhones that have exclusive features, such as the iPhone 7 which has double cameras and the charger uses the same port as the earbuds, is that there are inconsistencies between models. 

If the iPhone doesn’t suit one’s needs, there are lots of alternatives like Android devices. The Android has thousands of free apps that the users can download and it’s Google friendly. The Android also features many accessories. One benefit of having an Android is there are many choices to choose from and different variety of Androids. However, there are also some negatives to these devices. The system that Androids run on is more vulnerable to developing viruses and at times the apps are limited in the operating system.

It depends on what one may prefer, but both phones lead the user down the path of social media that may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. There are so many more applications being made each and every day. There is an app for everyone’s interests whether it’s on the iPhone or Android. The future phones will be top notch, including 3-D technology and rumors of bendable devices soon to be added to smart phones.