The beginning of a relationship can be as subtle as two people awkwardly talking when they bump into each other; nothing obscure is needed for a connection to spark. The choice to dive into something more is a promise between two people to do the best for each other. When one party states, “We should take a break,” then there is a possibility for future romance. If the intent is to terminate, meaning permanently, the relationship should no longer continue; word choice matters.

The time off in between is also a determining factor on whether previous months count. A month break with the intent of rekindling the romance is different in comparison to a longer gap that never would view revival again.

Some couples do not rewind the clock on their new and improved relationship because it feels no different from before. Now, this may be contradictory, but if Riley and I were to break apart, I would count the separated time due to the duration of our current relationship. My feelings toward her would be the same if we resumed, and in some essence, I feel like I already know her so well that a gap would make a significantly minor difference to me.

Our relationship is not incredibly different from any other; our time together consists of bowling, hanging out on the couch and many other average high school activities. These activities might seem less than exciting, but with the right person, the most seemingly boring ideas turn into memories you look back on and smile about.

There are many reasons for taking a break, primarily because one or more parties believe they need time away to reflect upon the relationship. But, to me, it sometimes seems unnecessary. The purpose of having multiple relationships is to find the person for you. Once you find that person, but you feel you need a break, then they may secretly not be the one for you. And even if they are, would it take a break for you to wake up?

Two lost souls can find their way back together because life seems different or even unnatural without that one person who once carried the whole world on their shoulders in your eyes. By taking a break, though, that contradicts the meaning of a soulmate.