Makeup Making Fairy Tales Come True

Storybook Cosmetics are bringing everyone’s favorite and most magical stories to life with fandom inspired cosmetics.

Storybook Cosmetics started out as a passion project created by sisters Missy, Mandy and Erin Maynard from Nebraska. They combined their love for makeup and fairy tales to create a line of makeup products that the world has gone mad for. Once their first product was made available, fairy tale lovers were ready to get their hands on more cosmetics based on their favorite mystical books and movies.

“The impossible is made possible and everyone lives happily ever after,” said Erin Maynard in an interview with Racked. “We love the idea of Storybook Cosmetics because while your life won’t always be singing birds and happily ever afters… your makeup can be.”

The first product released that flooded social media platforms were Harry Potter-inspired wizard wand makeup brushes. Not only are they high quality, they also bring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to life everyday when applying eye shadow.

“They’re amazing because they’re from Harry Potter and they’re really unique and fun,” said junior Mary Cook.

These brushes have been so popular that Storybook Cosmetics is working hard to create more unique products. There are new magical things to come from Storybook Cosmetics in 2017, including quill and ink liquid eyeliner, liquid lipsticks based on genres of books and movies, as well as red rose brushes and an arrow brush set inspired by fairy tales such as “Brave” or “Hunger Games.” One of their most exciting products coming soon for Harry Potter fans is a Wizardry and Witchcraft eye shadow palette. According to Bustle, the palette includes twelve eye shadows in matte and shimmer textures. The names of the shades even correspond to the mystical and occult wizard world.

Storybook Cosmetics have created a unique line of product that is unlike any other. It is completely original and an inspiration for taking their passion and turning it into a popular business.