Managing Morning Mayhem

Managing a morning schedule can be tough, but with a few helpful hints, it’s easy to turn morning mayhem into a morning miracle.

The secret to a sunny side up morning is planning ahead.

“If you plan the night before, you won’t be rushing out the door” -anonymous

Always set an alarm clock before hitting the sack. It’s not a good idea to wake up whenever, especially on a school day, so be sure to skip the snooze. The extra two minutes aren’t worth it when it comes to running out the door without any shoes on.

Confidence starts with one’s opinion of him/herself, and the best way to stay positive is with the right outfit. Instead of spending 20 minutes raiding the dresser for the perfect pair of pants, prepare the night before by choosing an outfit complete with accessories, jewelry and shoes. Sticking with this outfit can save a room from becoming the island of rejected clothes. It is always a good idea to set aside an outfit to reach for in a rush. Something could always go wrong, like spilling a drink on a favorite blouse.

It’s time to face the hair scare. It’s fine to shower in the morning, but showering at night can save time in the morning for other things that require attention. It’s best to let hair air dry while sleeping to prevent heat damage. For those who really can’t stand wet hair, wrap it in a towel and clip it in place while you sleep. When it comes to styling, simple is better. If there is time, go for the french twist or curls, but a ponytail can look just as classy and takes only half the time. Braids are great for on the go, along with headbands and barrettes.

It’s a great idea to pack a lunch and fill a refillable water bottle the night before. Also, set out a nonperishable breakfast that can be eaten on the way to school, like cereal in a tupperware container or some fruit and granola.

Leave the electronics for after morning routines. Checking snapchat and posting about how great the morning was can wait until everything is finished.

Before going to bed, make sure all homework is done, unless privileged with a first hour study hall, and pack everything needed for the next day. Don’t forget sports equipment and a lunch in the morning, and be sure to locate keys and all other important articles before bed.

“Making a morning playlist helps keep me on track in the mornings,” said junior Kylie Steuer. However, junior Leo Clune disagrees with morning routines. “I get up when I feel like it,” said Clune. 

Whatever leads to a mayhem free morning, be sure to get enough sleep the night before and keep procrastinating on the down low. Here’s to stress free mornings and a hearty breakfast.