One Hundred Years is Music to the Ears

Students celebrate the 100th birthday of ACHS with a dance on the football field.


Clay Vesser, Tom Tom Staff

Old. Beat up. Rundown. Slow. The previous are often associated with someone or something turning 100.

Loud. Blaring. Energetic. Cool. These are words that many would use to describe Antioch Community High School’s Kickoff Night on Friday, Aug. 23. ACHS celebrated its 100th birthday with games, recognitions and a dance.

Consisting of roaring music and screaming students, the dance that followed the football scrimmage was quite a sight.

ACHS junior and Cardinal Crazies leader, Jasmine DeLara said, “Even though there was a lot of sweating, and it was really hot, it was still a lot of fun, because they put on a lot of good music, and it was just a fun, easy way for everyone to get together.”

Although there were a few technical issues at the start, the dance was a success in the eyes of most.

Junior Andrew Pimpo, who did not attend the dance, said, “Initially, the idea of the rally and dance did not appeal to me, but after hearing how many people enjoyed it, I kind of regret not going.”

Friday night was a time to celebrate a once in a lifetime event. After all, it’s not everyday that a school celebrates its 100th birthday. And ACHS sure celebrated, hosting a night full of intense scrimmages and an energetic dance. If you missed out on the celebration Friday night, there are many more centennial events in store for this school year.