Paul McCartney Talks About Kanye

Legendary Beatles icon opens up about new collaboration partner.


Q Magazine, a magazine that claims itself to be the world’s greatest music magazine, released an article on March 31, 2015 regarding the recent Paul McCartney and Kanye West collaboration.

“I had a call from someone saying, ‘Kanye would like to collaborate with you.’ But they didn’t tell me on what,” said McCartney to Q Magazine.

McCartney has worked with rapper Kanye West on two songs so far, both released in 2015: Only One and the single FourFiveSeconds, the latter of the two featured Rihanna as well.

In the interview with Q Magazine, Paul McCartney detailed what it was like to work with West.

“I thought it was great. I really did,” said McCartney to Q Magazine, “I love his balls. If you’re gonna work with Kanye you have to accept who he is… Whether you like what Kanye does or you don’t, he an artist and it’s his prerogative.”

Some may find it strange for a world-famous member of the Beatles to be partnering with a modern day rap star, but both Only One and FourFiveSeconds are rising up the charts, and both artists enjoy working together and creating music.