For some of the Sequoit staff, this senior class left a lasting legacy; here are those memories.

The end of the school year is approaching for the seniors, as graduation day is Sunday, May 20. On this day, seniors will be leaving behind not only their classmates, friends and the past four years of memories, but also the teachers who played a big part in their learning. The end of high school can be an emotional time for seniors and their teachers. Every year, teachers see their senior students move on from high school to another part of their journey, and saying goodbye stirs up many emotions. Many teachers have pushed, encouraged and supported their students in their educational, and sometimes even their personal, endeavours, creating trusting friendships.

There is always something bittersweet about leaving one’s childhood behind and having to grow up. At this time of year, it’s a good time to reflect and share good memories of the seniors as they prepare to go onto the next chapter of their lives.

MATTHEW LARSEN, Physical Education

“My favorite memory has to be the thrilling win by the football team over our rival Lakes. It seemed as though everyone in town was there, and it was electric to see the senior class go crazy when the team came back and scored the winning touchdown. It was bittersweet for the seniors cheering and for the seniors playing that it was their final Antioch-Lakes rivalry football game. A perfect mark left in Antioch High School’s history.”


“I had a good portion of this class for English 2 and they were extremely creative and enjoyed acting. Brianna Vettesse, Dylan Lampert and another group put on an awesome Macbeth rap that will live with me and within the classroom. They also did some amazing battles with swords and were just so much fun and had so much life and personality. There’s a lot of the class that I will remember fondly.”

MARNI POLAKOW, Physical Education

“The thing that sticks out the most with this senior class is the relationships I gained through my soccer players. Almost all of my seniors, both on the girls and boys teams, have been with me on the varsity for all four years of their high school careers. I was able to watch them grow and mature and be a part of this process as they progressed throughout high school. Many are going on to play soccer at the next level and the impact they are leaving on myself and the soccer program are immeasurable.”


“One of my favorite memories of some of my seniors—RJ Vazquez, Jessica Lamberty, and Ryan Campbell—was watching them interact with children. My son, Gavin, absolutely loves coming to school with me so he can “play with his big kid friends.” This past musical season was especially great as I brought him much more than in years past and all he wanted to do was play. I had no idea how special it would be seeing the kids I have had for the past four years bonding with my son. It has been such a blessing and I know Gavin will remember them forever.”


“Last year, Emma Vanderwall, who I’ve had for the past three years in yearbook, was in the media lab and was leaning back on her chair. She was sitting there with her feet up and her socks were showing and I say to her, ‘Emma what’s on your socks?!’ and she says, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” because she thought I was going to yell at her because her socks literally say ‘motherf****** girl power’ and so she thought I was going to yell at her for having swear words on her socks, but in reality I was just thinking that those were the best socks in the whole entire world. So then this year for Christmas she got me those same socks. It’s nice being able to see kids feel like they can be silly and express their own personal views, and I really think that this senior class has that ability to do both of those things.”


“One memory that sticks out to me is the first semester Women and Lit class. That group of seniors in that room had a great vibe that no one can manufacture—it’s organic—and when it happens, it’s magic. What is normally a five-minute weekend news update, would turn into a whole hour discussion of life in these times on this planet. That class, if given the chance, could have solved all the problems of world and done so with humor, humility and love. I was lucky enough to get so many of those students back for second semester in the composition class, and added other outstanding students to the mix. This senior class truly has a special place in my heart. There are a number of students I didn’t even have in class, but who are part of the mix that makes them so memorable. I hope they stay in contact with us in the future so we know where they go and how they fare in the future.”