REVIEW: “C” You At The Movies- Antioch Downtown Theatre


The Antioch downtown theater was graded on a scale of one to five based on sound quality, picture quality, aroma, cleanliness, comfort, food concessions, employees and ticket price.

I saw the family-friendly movie, “The Nut Job.” Although you could hear the movie very well, it was a little loud at some points. Given that the theater is old, the screen became blurry at times, which causes problems for picture quality.
The staff keeps the theater relatively clean, but that is also given for a theater that only has one screening room. When you first walk in, the theater smells of popcorn, but it begins to have an older, dusty scent when you settle into your seat.

The seats are nice and soft, and on a day when the theater is empty, you can really spread out and get comfy.
The taste of the popcorn was very good, but it didn’t have that “melt in your mouth” quality.
All of the employees showed kindness and respect to their customers. They are also predominantly ACHS students, which is nice to get to see friendly faces.

The prices of the ticket and food were very affordable and overall it’s a good place to go with the family to see a movie.