SBN Flies a Quadcopter Drone

Jasmine DeLara, Ian Flatley, Tommy Howe, Jay Chavez, Karley Rosenquist, Alex Sheedy, Zach Tholen, Jake Cloe, Jayden Rentsch, Noel Albiter, Spencer Kalstrup, Zane Johnson, Charles Taylor, and Stephen Frandsen

SBN Staff, SBN Staff

On Tuesday, September 22nd, Sequoit Broadcast Network took a mini-field trip to the football field to meet Ryan Miles, the District 117 Tech Director.  Mr. Miles introduced the SBN students to drones, teaching them about their features, media uses, and regulations. After the brief lesson, students were able to plan a flight route and control the camera while Mr. Miles operated the quadcopter. Check out the great footage the SBN staffers captured.