Soccer Profile: Morgan Keefer


Joey Kestian, Team Leader

Soccer isn’t just a game for senior Morgan Keefer, it’s a passion. For the past four years, Keefer has been a member of the girls varsity soccer team. Her competitive attitude and bond with her teammates are two aspects that Keefer can’t imagine her spring without.

Keefer started her time in soccer at the Lindenhurst Area Soccer Club. She said she started because her friends were already in soccer and kept telling [her] to try it out.

“Once I came to join the club I became obsessed with soccer and also liked playing with my friends,” Keefer said.

One of her favorite aspects of the sport is the competitive edge of the game, along with the bond a team can create throughout a season of playing with each other.

“I like how the game can sometimes come down to the last minute,” Keefer said. “I enjoy sharing those moments with the girls on my team and that is what makes the game so enjoyable for me.”

When in season for the Sequoits, Keefer plays as an outside midfielder where she creates offensive opportunities and also plays in the defensive aspect. She contributes to the team with her excellent vision and on target passes. Keefer believes she struggles with her short temper in game situations.

“When it comes to my vision, reading the field is easy for me and is very helpful in certain game situations,” Keefer said. “My temper is the worst part of me in soccer; when I get upset I just give up on myself so easily, so hopefully I can change that this season.”

Teammate, senior Danielle Brose also thinks Morgan contributes multiple aspects to the team that can be used to their advantage.

“She is very skilled when it comes to offensive movement and is also very aggressive,” Brose said. “Her aggression helps her stay dominant on the ball and then her skills just make it better for not only her, but also our team as well when it comes to scoring opportunities.”

While being involved in the sport, soccer has impacted Keefer’s life off the field. One of the people to impact Keefer’s life the most is varsity coach Marni Polakow.

“She has completely changed my outlook on soccer and in life as well,” Keefer said. “She has made me into the person and player I am today because of the lessons she has taught me as a coach and mentor.”

Keefer, along with the other members of the varsity soccer team, have certains goals and aspirations for the season. One of those is being able to come home with a regional title. After just missing out on that opportunity to the Wauconda Bulldogs, Keefer has come back with the determination to achieve that goal.

“Us seniors have been waiting to come home with a regional ever since our freshman year,” Keefer said. “We have the talent and team that is able to achieve that goal and it would be a nice way to end my career as a Sequoit.”

Keefer is currently undecided on where she would like to attend college in the future, but knows she wants to play soccer for whichever school she decides to attend in the fall.