Speak Up, Stand Out

Speech team often goes unnoticed, but is an experience worth participating in.


Lexi Olson

The ACHS speech team doesn’t receive much attention. Some students may not even know it exists, but it is an extracurricular activity that benefits those interested in acting, public speaking or anyone looking to get involved.

“There are 14 events, generally you can do a comedy piece, dramatic piece, informative piece, an actual speech, you can write your own piece and you can do a duo with another person,” freshman Eli Ruano said.

At meets, the team performs their chosen pieces in front of judges three times in hopes of moving on or placing in the top six.

“It’s such a fun and amazing experience,” Ruano said.

The team had their most recent meet on Saturday January 20 where they placed fifth overall and everyone performed well enough to either advance to nationals or be an alternate for nationals. The team is excited and looks forward to competing. Although it is too late to join this year, there is always next year.

“I like the atmosphere and the people in the program,” freshman Gloria Lobodzinski said. “I would encourage others to join because it is a great way of expressing yourself.”

Speech team helps one to improve their speaking and acting skills, as well as allowing them to take part in an interesting experience.