“Star Wars Rogue One” Movie Critique & Plot Overview — SPOILER ALERT

Explore the secrets of Rogue One in a galaxy far, far away.

Since 1977, the iconic movie series has generated an unimaginable amount of fans, who patiently waited for an explanation behind the mysterious arrival of a piece of the map leading to Luke Skywalker. This past December, the fans got an answer in an action-filled film. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” sent box office sales through the roof as fans from around the world discovered the missing piece to map out the series.

As of December 16, 2016, the United States craved a new hunger for X-Wings and Jedi with the release of the long awaited Star Wars film, however to some, “Rogue One” was not satisfying.

Junior Jeffrey Horton had several complaints regarding the newest movie edition.

“To me, it felt like a couple fat nerds who got their hands on one hundred million dollars and decided to make a movie for their nerd friends,” Horton said.  

Horton’s views may be harsh, but “Rogue One” lacked several features compared to the other Star Wars films. The special effects were obviously computer animated which, in Horton’s opinion, took away from the actual story. 

“Rogue One was sort of like dangling something shiny in front of a cat,” said Horton. 

Junior Alejandro Chavez, an avid Star Wars enthusiast, has mixed feelings as well. 

“I miss the original story of Rogue One, but I also like the new one,” Chavez said. “I like the old one because it introduced Luke’s wife and not everyone died.” 

Besides this major difference between the movie and novel, Chavez feels that there were loose ends in the book, so the movie version tied the story together better. As far as animation, Chavez and Horton disagree on the idea of “too much” when it comes to computer-generated imagery.

“The animation was normal and I love how they make the model of the ships so it wasn’t all CGI,” Chavez said. “I still like how they try to do the least amount of post edit as much as possible.”

On an ending note, Chavez enjoyed the film, but to him, it doesn’t compare to the rest of the films.

“It is hard to compare to the others because it was darker,” Chavez said.

On the bright side, sophomore Natalie Hill points out a few highlights of the new film.

“It definitely has a different feel to it,” Hill said. “In other movies, we see the heroes, golden and untouchable. The healthy, young ones miraculously escape every fight alive and the plot is more focused on them.”

While Hill is right about other movies, the characters in Rogue One are vulnerable and end up perishing in the end scenes. Hill further explained the focus on the characters in the recent film.

“You see that the main characters are just chess pieces being moved around by a desperate and fragile rebellion,” Hill said. “They aren’t the most important thing in their movie, but pawns used to get the Death Star plans.”

With new movies comes new excitement and disappointment. It makes one wonder what the next Star Wars film will be like.