Struggles of Working on Social Media

Many people think it’s easier to work on social media, but these jobs entail many more struggles than one might think.


It is now nearly impossible to imagine a world without social media. It is everywhere and a major part of many people’s lives. However, people often forget about those working behind the scenes on these websites, from filming and editing YouTube videos, to managing advertisements. Many people think that these relatively new jobs, are easier to do than other jobs that have been around for decades. Nonetheless, jobs in social media come with their own set of struggles in this new and changing society which can be just as hard, if not harder, than some older occupations.

One thing that makes these jobs so difficult is that the constantly changing standards. The people who use social media vary every day and so does the media being presented, meaning that workers often have to change their strategies and approaches in order to get the best interaction and popularity with its users. This can be frustrating at times because it means that they must be on their toes at all times and often having to improvise on the spot to solve problems.

Trends also change incredibly fast, which can cause trouble for the people working. This can mean having to add new features or get rid of old ones regularly in order to stay on top of the game. To do this, they must have creative ideas constantly flowing into their minds.

People who work on YouTube have a difficult time as well. They have to come up with creative ideas for videos, record those videos, spend hours editing them, upload them on a consistent schedule while continuing to interact with their audience by managing all of their other social media accounts. With this job, one must be working around the clock. Sophomore Skye Jackson also agrees that these jobs can take a lot of energy out of a person. 

“They do work hard because they have to write scripts, edit for hours at a time, then they actually upload and get their videos seen in order to get their business going,” Jackson said.

It’s safe to say that the stress these people go through must take a great emotional and mental toll on the person performing these tasks. Even though one might think that these jobs seem fun and easy going, they do have their own share of complications that need to be considered.