Student Transportation to School

Riding the bus to school can be tolerable for some students, but not all.


At Antioch Community High School, the buses park at the back of the school. The students who do not have rides to school and home from school are the ones that use the bus as a source of their transportation.

School buses transport Antioch Community High School students to and from school every day during the week. Even though the school bus is reliable for picking up and dropping off students, some teenagers look forward to the day they turn 16 and are able to drive themselves. Some students are not happy taking the bus because they have to be up early in the morning. 

“I would rather be driven to school because then I could wake up later,” sophomore Jason Fogel said. “Also, the car is faster and more comfortable.” 

Although students get less sleep when they ride the bus, it allows teenagers to get to school on time and be ready to start their school day. 

“One good thing about taking the bus to school is that it forces me to get there early,” sophomore Juliana Gonzalez said. “I’m able to see teachers before school for help in certain classes.” 

Riding the bus can help students get to school on time, but riding it home can get in the way of students getting to places they need to be after school due to the amount of stops the bus needs to take. 

“Taking the bus takes much longer than driving due to all the stops,”  freshman Desirae Wittig-Gildea said. “This may not be efficient for students that have be places right after school.” 

The bus ride to and from school can be exciting for some people if they have friends that ride it with them. Talking with people on the bus can make the ride feel shorter than the usual trip. 

“I don’t mind taking the bus because a lot of my friends are on it with me,” Wittig-Gildea said. 

Some students accept taking the bus to and from school, but others can find it irritating. Even though the bus may not be the most ideal transportation system for some students, it does its job by getting teenagers to school and home from school safely.