Swirling into a new season: Dairy Queen is back

Sequoit’s favorite downtown desserts are back. After three long, cold months without them, Antioch’s Dairy Queen has reopened for business.


Ashley Lubkeman

Dairy Queen worker and ACHS senior, Sidney Tindell, finishes making a blizzard with the famous “upside down blizzard test.”

An Illinois-founded business, Dairy Queen, now has over 5,700 stores worldwide. While some stores remain open year-round, the local one chooses to close for three months during the coldest Midwest months. While it certainly makes it harder to get through the season without the option of stopping for a famous blizzard treat, the store is back open until October, serving a full menu from 11-9 p.m. every day of the week.

Many Sequoits have been at the shop since its reopening, including senior Jenna Lamberty.

“I would definitely rate dairy queen a ten,” Lamberty said. “They have amazing ice cream, and I love the variety of flavors and desserts. I love the location of it being downtown because then you can walk around shops while eating ice cream.”

With later hours than most Antioch businesses, the shop often has a line out the door after a successful Sequoit victory, theater production, choir concert or practice. With its accessibility and proximity to the school, Sequoits do not have to go out of their way to make the stop. 

“The best thing about the Antioch Dairy Queen for me is that after summer gymnastics practices, my team and I would go there and get ice cream together,” Lamberty said.

Additionally, the local business is proud to hire many Antioch Community High School students; five of the 15 workers currently employed are ACHS students, and another five are alumni.

“Their customer service is definitely a ten,” Lamberty said. “Everyone is so friendly, and they truly seem to enjoy their job as well as serving customers.”

ACHS Dairy Queen worker, Sidney Tindell, contributes to the friendly customer service and always has a unique menu hack at the ready.

“If you are looking for a spiced up blizzard, I would order one of the original blizzards and add things, like hot fudge or peanut butter cups in the middle,” Tindell said.

After just a few trips to Dairy Queen, anyone is sure to have a favorite flavor. Junior Addison Gjelsten rated the shop a 9/10 and shared her fan favorite.

“My go-to order is the brownie blizzard,” Gjelsten said.

Lamberty also had a favorite go-to order.

“I always order a strawberry blizzard with chocolate chunks,” Lamberty said. “It tastes just like a chocolate-covered strawberry.”

Even Tindell has an all-time favorite blizzard.

“My absolute favorite blizzard is Oreo; it is just really simple by itself and not too chocolatey,” Tindell said. “Blizzards are so simple, but Oreos can be made in so many ways to suit your taste for the day.”

Day, night, weekend or weekday, whether you prefer traditional or new flavors, a blizzard is always a perfect addition to your week. While the current hours restrict to between 11-9 p.m., the hours will be extended as summer approaches. If you have time, make sure to stop by and try something new.

And remember, if the blizzard is not served upside down, it is free.