Tasty Tom Tom: Valentines Day Box and Truffles

Make your Valentine smile this year!

This week I partnered with SBN staff member Joe Karolewicz, make sure to watch his video of us creating a masterpiece. We made a craft and treat for Valentine’s day! We crafted a Heart Box to hold the Red Velvet Cheesecake Truffles we made. We started by making the red velvet cake (we added chocolate chips for a little extra something). While that was in the oven, we started on the heart shaped box! We didn’t follow any instructions, either. This project came right from our creativity. We started with a heart template traced onto cardboard, red paper, packing paper and decorative scrapbook paper. Then, we cut a long, straight piece to be the wall of the box. Once we had all these pieces cut out, we started to assemble it.

First, we placed one of the pieces of cardboard in between two of the red hearts. We then stapled it together and repeated again. This made the top and bottom of our box. Next, we decided which red heart would be the bottom and then placed the straight piece of paper around the heart using loctite glue and tape to keep it together. We decorated the top piece to our liking, placing the packing paper and tissue paper inside.

Once the cake was out of the oven, we put it into a Kitchen Aid mixer using the paddle attachment. While it was getting crushed, we added the cream cheese until it was combined. We then formed them into balls followed by coating them with melted white chocolate chips. We used a little bit of coconut oil with the chocolate chips to help with a smoother mixture while melting in increments of 30 seconds. Once they were all covered, we placed them in the freezer for five to ten minutes. After that, we melted pink melting candies and drizzled it on top. A fun and easy way to make your Valentine smile this year!


Materials for chocolate box

  • 2 pieces of cardboard
  • 4 pieces of red paper
  • A heart template
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Decorations
    • Scrapbook paper
    • Stencils
    • Stickers
    • Sharpies
    • Tissue Paper
    • Packing paper

Ingredients for 30 truffles

  • 1 box red velvet cake mix, prepared according to instructions
  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 16 oz white chocolate chips
  • topping of your choice


  1. Prepare red velvet cake according to instructions on box.
  2. In a bowl, crumble the red velvet cake.
  3. Mix in cream cheese until smooth.
  4. Roll into 1- to 2-Tbsp.-sized balls, and chill.
  5. Melt the white chocolate.
  6. Roll the balls in the chocolate to coat evenly. Set aside.
  7. Decorate!
  8. Let the chocolate harden before serving.
  9. Enjoy!