Technology Takeover: 3D Printed Houses

3D printers are often known to make small sculptures and simple devices out of plastic, but recent advancements have expanded horizons and created endless possibilities with this machine.

A 3D printer is a mechanical device that creates three dimensional objects from a two dimensional digital form. It is usually printed out of plastic that is melted down as it goes through the machine.

Based out of San Francisco and Russia, 3D print specialist company, Apis Cor changed the entire game when it comes to 3D printing.

In early 2017, the first 3D printed house was built in under 24 hours. A normal construction of a house takes months to complete with the help of many workers, all in danger of receiving injuries from unsafe tools and conditions. The entire production of a house can also be expensive due to its lengthy process, large amount of materials and paychecks given. This 3D printed house not only took one day to make for Cor, but also only cost $10,000 in total. While this is expensive for the 400 square foot house he printed, the time saved on construction in one day outweighs the cost, making $10,000 a reasonable price.

“I would think that it wouldn’t be sturdy, but it’s a really cool idea,” junior Jenna Barton said.

Other companies around the world have jumped on board to create incredible buildings using the 3D technology, including China, where workers released large houses and skyscrapers through advanced 3D printing technology. 

“It’s really weird, but super awesome that that’s possible,” senior Amy Heath said.

Technology is quickly becoming more and more advanced. Before we know it, cities will be built using only three dimensional printers.