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The Beat Of The Drum

Gianna Chiappetta

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Music flows through the generations.


Thump thump, ba boom, ba bump.

One song, one sound.

Everyone is connected to the beat of the music.

Today’s generation is cultured by different genres of music. Everyone tunes in, listening to the radio, finding that next biggest hit.

At Antioch Community High School, music is a huge influence. All around the school music can be heard. Whether it be a student trying to study for a test focusing in with their jams or a teacher singing a song trying to teach a math lesson, music is everywhere.

“[Music] gives kids a release,” senior Javen London said.

London has been listening to music all his life and prefers rap and hip hop. He listens to music throughout his entire day.

“On game days it gets me into the zone so I can go out there and handle business,” London said.

Music does not have to be expressed with words, it can be interpreted with only instrumentals. ACHS showcases its vast talent in instrumentals with a wide variety: band, orchestra, percussion and much more.

Through the sounds of music, we are connected. Generations have been cultured by the diversity and individuality of what music has to offer. Whether it being at a party or at a school event, everyone is chained to the rhythm.

Thump thump, ba boom, ba bump, the beat of the drum is the open door into our souls.

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The Beat Of The Drum