The Best Eyeshadow Shades For Every Eye Color

Find the correct eyeshadows to wear to accentuate every eye color.


Every person has a different eye color, and makeup is one of the most popular ways to make any eye color pop. Whether it’s blue, dark brown or green eyes, there is a color for everyone.

One of the most common eye colors is brown. Almost half of the population of the world has brown eyes, and there are many colors that help make the dark hues pop. Brown eyes are pretty universal, with eyeshadow colors ranging from bronze, coffee, purple and green. Especially purple and green, because mixing those two colors together creates brown.

Next is hazel eyes, which can range greatly in colors. Some are more green and brown, brown and amber or blue, green and brown. Hazel eyes are pretty similar to light brown eyes, except people with hazel eyes have more green or amber in their eyes. Hazel eyes are definitely one of the most universal eye colors. Almost every color makes hazel eyes pop. Since hazel eyes involve a mixture of other colors, any of the colors listed will work. The colors that work particularly well are purple, gold, light pink, blue and green. These colors will also work for light brown eyes. Purple is the number one color to use, because it really brings out the amber color in most hazel eyes.

Another common eye color is blue eyes. Blue eyes are very easy to accentuate. Typically neutral shades, like corals, are the best way to go. The thought is to go dark to bring out the light, but it’s best to steer clear of a heavy, dark, smokey eye. Any light coral color will really make any shade of blue eyes pop. Light browns are also a good choice to use, because they’re not too dark, but will still draw attention to the eyes.

Last is green eyes. Green eyes are naturally bright, so it doesn’t take much to make them pop. Since green is a color usually in hazel eyes, using the same colors will work. So, again, purple is the color to use. Colors like brown, gold and red will also bring out the emerald eyes. Since green is a color in hazel and sometimes blue eyes, you can use the same colors to make green eyes pop too.