Traditional Trends Return in Homecoming Fashion


The Homecoming dance is a time when girls and guys alike dress up. While most people have unique dresses, some trends appear. This year tradition was trendy.

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Photo by Sarah Chapleau
Senior Morgan Perry demonstrates a popular trend for girls at the 2013 Homecoming dance,

For girls, the trends were similar to trends in previous years. One of the most popular styles was one sleeve or one shoulder. There are many variations to this style and almost all of them appeared at this year’s dance. The most common was one long sleeve with a slit down the middle. This flirty style allows the wearer to be a little more daring with the rest of their ensemble.

Another variation of this style is a simple one-shoulder dress. This style can be pulled of in many ways such as a ruffled, wider strap or, for more daring girls, a row of flowers. Any of these styles can be pulled off with almost any simple accessories. A less bold version allows the wearer to wear bigger, chunkier accessories.

Another popular style was the traditional strapless dress. There are many variations to this style while keeping the basic dress the same. A common variation was the jeweled bodice. This style gives the dress a little more structure on the top while keeping the skirt fun and flirty.

The basic structures of the dresses fell mainly into two categories: tight and daring or flirty and flowy. Both of these styles were worn in many different ways. Some girls went for a more classic look with a clean, simple dress with either basic or daring accessories. Other girls went for a more non-traditional look with a tight dress and bold accessories.

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Photo by Sarah Chapleau
Senior Ryan Karagiorgas demonstrates trends for guys at the 2013 Homecoming dance

For the guys there was one major trend: either a vest or tie that matches their dates dress. This trend has been around for years and almost every guy follows it. Most guys choose to wear a matching tie but the more daring guys go with a matching vest.

Another trend that is coming back for the guys is the bow tie. This look isn’t as popular as the

traditional tie, but more and more guys are starting to wear them.

This year at the Homecoming dance many trends made reappearances. Everyone pulled of their chosen trends in ways unique to them and this created a colorful and fashionable dance.