Students Customize Chromebooks

Students at ACHS get creative with their Chromebook designs.

Technology has taken a huge leap in the community of District 117. This year, the students have gone one-to-one with Chromebooks and have been given the opportunity to customize the cases of their laptops. Some students at Antioch Community High School have decided to decorate their devices with sentimental pictures of family and friends; however, a majority of students that have chosen stickers to enhance their Chromebooks instead.

“I thought it would be fun to get cute stickers,” sophomore Alyssa Colpaert said. “I wanted to make my laptop less plain and brighten it up a little.”

A few students have used stickers from clothing brands or ones they have purchased on vacations but for Colpaert, a website called Redbubble was the right choice for her.

“A lot of people told me Redbubble was a good website,” Colpaert said. “There is a lot of different and cute stickers to choose from.”

Since the start of the school year, the trend of stickers has become more common. There has even been opportunities in the maker space room at the school to create customized stickers.

“I think stickers are an easy way to personalize your items and add your own touch,” junior Mikayla Holway said.

Stickers are not only being seen as decorations but they also allow students to show off their interests and their personality. Stickers can display someones favorite sport, tv show, theme or color. Visit Redbubble online for thousands of sticker options or get even more innovative and create original designs.