#TwitterPollTuesday: Which Do You Prefer?

What's it going to be: M&M's or Skittles?


Eyes open, and it is seemingly difficult to tell the difference between the two. Eyes closed, and the difference is evident: creamy chocolate versus sour and sweet. The weekly #TwitterPollTuesday has come back around, and with it getting close to Halloween, what better to debate about than candy? After 24 hours, the results show a close race between M&M’s and Skittles. However, M&M’s came in first place with 53 percent of the votes. According to the results of the poll, chocolate seems to be preferred over a sweet taste, but after Halloween, some people may find that they prefer differently (that is, if high schoolers aren’t too old to go trick-or-treating). Follow @ACHSTomTom on Twitter to participate in our Tuesday polls, and tune in here next Wednesday to see more results.