Walker Stalker Comes to Chicago

Meet your favorite characters and villains from the Walking Dead and other Sci Fi television series' at Chicago's Walker Stalker event.


Chloe Grass

The Walker Stalker convention is coming to Chicago this spring, presenting actors and producers of some of the most popular Sci Fi shows.

Walker Stalker is a convention held all over the United States, bringing together zombie and sci-fi lovers for a weekend. Not only are there endless amounts of booths selling merchandise from top television series, but the event also welcomes over forty special guests from shows such as The Walking Dead, Gotham, Arrow, Sons of Anarchy and more. These actors and actresses have lines of people willingly waiting to communicate their love for the show as well as receive autographs and pictures with fans.

“My favorite part was meeting all the amazing people and just being in such a positive atmosphere,” junior Brianna Vettese said. “Everywhere you looked, there would be a person with an awesome costume on.”

Walker Stalker provides the option of purchasing photo ops and premium tickets to make one’s experience more exciting. The photo ops include getting a professional picture taken with a celebrity of choice. However, it is a fast moving process that lacks in the personal interaction found at a meet and greet get at a meet and greet. According to The Walker Stalker Con’s official website, tickets range from one- and two-day general admission to premium passes. The premium tickets are extremely limited due to their  high expense and unique experience, usually made for a die hard fan.

“Even though I’m not a huge Walking Dead fan, I would love to meet some actors and actresses from a popular series,” junior Aubrey Kay said.

Walker Stalker is coming to Chicago on March 25th and 26th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. To purchase tickets and review the list of special guests, click Here