What Happens When You Call 867-5309?

Curious people have called the number 867-5309 ever since Tommy Tutone’s popular song was released in 1981.


Photo by Clay Vesser

Dan Meade, Department Editor

Have you ever wondered what really happens when you call the phone number 867-5309, from the popular 1980s song by Tommy Tutone? Well, we’ve got the answer.

Antioch Community High School junior Kennedy Hettlinger put it to the test. She called the number with the area code (847) and surprisingly, someone picked up.

At first, Hettlinger asked if Jenny was there, which is similar to the song, but shockingly, the man who answered went along it. He replied with, “I got it, I got it,” which are the lyrics of the song.

“I did not think that was going to happen,” said Hettlinger. “It caught me off guard that someone cool would have that number.”

That being said, it brings to mind how often that man must get called. Having kids prank call about lyrics from a song might become annoying after some time. Would you want to have that number and deal with pointless phone calls everyday? Or, would it be fun and bring a good laugh? Would be good spirited like the man who does have the number? In the end, let’s hope a guy like him doesn’t change his number like Jenny.