What Does “Sequoit” Mean?

Johnny Horton, Tom Tom Staff

Here is a question that isn’t often posed: why was a Sequoit chosen as the school’s mascot and what does “Sequoit” really mean? Surprisingly, a wide variety of students from Antioch Community High School do not know the etymology of their mascot. However, they have a few theories as to how ACHS became the home of the Sequoits.

“I think our school shows and means that there were Native Americans that lived in Antioch before us and we are using their name to show everyone that they came before us,” said junior Jordan Jacob.

“I think we are called “The Sequoits” because we are named after an Indian tribe that used to live here,” said senior Brooke AlderseBaes.

Many students believe that the school name represents a Native American tribe, but it doesn’t. The name “Sequoit” actually has no relation with any Native American tribe that was in Antioch years ago. In fact, the word “Sequoit” is not even a part of the Native American language. “Sequoit” is derived from the real Native American word “sa-da-quoit,” meaning smooth pebbles in the bed of a stream.

The school mascot can be deceiving and can often times be portrayed as one thing but, in reality, means another. However, even through all that, the Sequoit name brings pride throughout the entire school and community, even if everyone doesn’t know what “Sequoit” means.