Whats in Your Bag: Girls Volleyball

Veronica Henkel shows us whats in her bag.

Athan Kaliakmanis

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For every sport, there are certain things that you may need to wear or use. In volleyball, there is both. Volleyball requires a lot of accessories that are needed to improve your game. Sophomore Veronica Henkel carries and utilizes several items in her bag in order to improve the way she plays.

“I use knee pads and armbands for diving,” Henkel said. “I wear volleyball shoes and have a whistle for when I ref, there is athletic tape for any sort of wrapping, along with lots of hair ties and any extra clothes if I forget anything.”

Although Henkel’s bag does not consist of a lot, she uses all of it for important reasons. For example, she uses knee and elbow pads for protection and has a specific pair of shoes just for playing volleyball.

“Using those shoes allow me to have more grip so that it’s easier to move and jump when playing,” Henkel said.

Henkel carries a lot of things in her bag and, being on the varsity team, she plans to use these items while leading the team to a successful season.