Why Can’t We Have Open Campus Lunch?

Many may think the staff is the reason there is no open campus lunch, but in reality it is past students who are to blame.


There are plenty of myths about high school cafeteria food, so why can’t students get their own food? Here is the inside scoop about open campus lunch and why Antioch Community High School doesn’t have it.

With the way that ACHS is placed across the street from what students call “fast food mania,” there are one too many complications with open campus. One problem involves the fact that it is beyond District 117’s control. Both the schools, staff and students are taken into evaluation when considering open campus lunch.

ACHS Principal Bradford Hubbard said, “I believe it has been brought up to the Board of Education in the past, but not looked upon very favorably.”

Even though the topic has come up with the people that could ultimately make the decision for the district, it is overall not a good idea.

“To my understanding, ACHS used to have open campus, but the reason it was taken away was that there had been some local businesses

making complaints about them [students] not buying anything, or just sitting around with their friends,” said Hubbard.

Many of the students could potentially cause problems with being late, loitering, or just being plain irresponsible. However, ACHS Dean Wilbur Borerro has confidence in the students of ACHS.

“I think the majority [of the students] are responsible enough, but there are other things we have to take into consideration,” said Borerro.

Not having open campus lunch is not only because of the students of ACHS, but also the students of Lakes Community High School. Issues related to driving and limits cause potential stresses and headaches for staff of both schools. There are also fewer options for LCHS students, forcing them to drive.

Though there are many obstacles in the way of ACHS being able to have an open campus lunch, the staff is rooting for it as much as the students are. Maybe one day in the far future it will be able to happen, but for now, keep sticking to cafeteria pizza and pretzels.