Wrapping Paper to Remember: DIY

Make the wrapping paper as memorable as the gift it surrounds.

Wrapping paper can be just as costly as the presents it hides, but newspaper wrapping paper is a cheap alternative and it creates a memorable experience for the gift receiver as well as the giver. Try this affordable idea and get a head start on the holidays.


  • Newspaper (more words than pictures)
  • Stamps and ink
  • Paper clips
  • Scrap paper
  • Markers
  • Glue stick

To start, locate a large sheet of newspaper and place the gift in the center. This craft works better around smaller trinkets simply because large columns of words can be difficult to find. Wrap the gift in the same fashion as normal wrapping paper, but use a glue stick in place of tape to connect the ends of the paper.

Choose a dark colored ink and a variety of stamps to decorate. Then, fold the top over and pin shut with a paperclip or safety pin. Finish with a heart shaped tag and write greetings on it. Then clip it to the gift with the paperclip.

img_1764Jessica Lamberty

Freshmen Samantha Salmi and Kaitlyn Goldstein both look forward to creating this alternative wrapping paper craft.

“It’s creative and personalized,” Salmi said. “I think this is a unique gift because it is not something you see everyday.”

“It’s very cute, I think that any type of person would like this paper,” said Goldstein.

This idea was first inspired by www.pinterest.com. It is a good idea to try this new tactic when it comes to last minute gift wrapping and it is cute ways to create a memorable moment.