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Benefits of taking a Gap Year

March 12, 2020

Taking a year off between high school graduation and...

Antioch Community High School Japan Trip Postponed

March 11, 2020

The Antioch Community High school 2020 trip to Japan...

Concerns with Mental Health For District 34

March 11, 2020

The new mental health section on the District 34 website...

No More Snow Days

March 3, 2020

Last year multiple school days were cancelled due to...

Teachers Donate to Antioch’s Muncipal Workers
Author Neal Shusterman Visits Antioch Community High School

March 13, 2020

Neal Shusterman, an award-winning author and scriptwriter,...

BREAKING: D117 Releases Official Coronavirus Prevention Plans

March 12, 2020

UPDATE: Superintendent of Community High School...

Everything You Need to Know About the Illinois Primary Election

March 12, 2020

On Tuesday, March 17, the Illinois Primary Election...

Spread of the Coronavirus and Potential Precautions

March 12, 2020

Many scientists around the world are currently working...

No More Snow Days
“To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” Review

February 25, 2020

Recently, the sequel to the Netflix original, “To...

Idioms In Reverse

February 21, 2020

@sourcenectar on Twitter made a tweet that read: “I...

Chevy Becomes One of the Most Reliable Cars on the Street Today

February 21, 2020

Chevrolet is an automobile division of the manufacturing...

Blowing Smoke

January 30, 2020

Volunteering to look good and volunteering to initiate...

Antioch Goes For The Gold
Girls Basketball Crushes the Rush
History of Dance
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