Sequoit Media

March 29, 2021

A staple feature to the town of Antioch is the...

Students Stay in Shape From Home

March 18, 2021

Prior to COVID-19, working out in public gyms was considered...

Some Schools Take a Day Off in Honor of Casmir Pulaski

March 17, 2021

Casimir Pulaski had many successes which made him significant...

Staying Positive in the Negative

February 18, 2021

Temperature’s have been below freezing the past few...

Ever Given Ship Blocks the Suez Canal

March 30, 2021

After wedging itself in the Suez Canal, container ship...

Vocabulary References for “Once a Sequoit, Always a Sequoit?”

February 19, 2021

Chant: A phrase that is rhythmically repeated and sung...

Trump Acquitted Of Charges In Congress

February 17, 2021

Ensuing from the second impeachment trial of former...

Polakow Announced as New Athletic Director

February 16, 2021

After serving 22 years as Athletic Director for Antioch...

Sequoit to Sequoit: Should the ACHS Logo and Sequoit Name Change?
What it Feels Like to Live the Same Day Over and Over Again

December 7, 2020

Monday. My eyes jerk open to the sound of my alarm....

The Lives of Those With and Without a Badge

December 7, 2020

The job is never the same. What the day may consist...


December 2, 2020

Depression “Just be happy” they say. The question...

Sequoit to Sequoit: 2020 Election

December 2, 2020

Biden Having been involved in politics since witnessing...

The Kings of the North
Field Hockey Takes Home Another Win
Sequoits Take Down the Rams
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