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The Newcomb Legacy

The Newcomb family has been attending Antioch community high school for generations.

For the Newcombs, attending Antioch Community High School is a tradition dating back three generations. The Newcomb family has enjoyed their time and experience at ACHS over the past few decades. Steve Newcomb, class of 1989, even met his wife Lauren, class of 1986, during their time at Antioch. Steve and Lauren have three children: Noah, Savannah and Elijah. The family had moved from place to place for years until Savannah was about to start her freshman year of high school. The family moved back to Antioch, and Savannah attended the same school her parents and grandparents attended. 

Steve was highly involved in the fine arts programs at ACHS. He was in the Madrigal choir, acapella choir, show choir, and theater. He also played football during his freshman year. Steve also created an acapella doo-wop group with his friends called the Discords that sometimes performed at school events. The Discords even came back to ACHS after graduation to perform a sold-out show at the school. 

Lauren shared that during her time at ACHS, she was very focused on schoolwork and did not participate in many extracurriculars. She did, however, love seeing her husband and brother perform in various events. 

Savannah has followed in her father’s footsteps and has been highly involved in the performing arts at ACHS. She was involved in the acapella choir, band, color guard, theater, Jazz choir and Madrigals choir. 

Lauren and Steve have enjoyed watching Savannah perform at concerts and games. For Lauren, it brings back memories of watching Steve and her brother perform. Steve loves to see his daughter enjoying the things he loved in high school. 

ACHS has undergone many changes since Steve and Lauren graduated. Lauren enjoys seeing what has become of her former high school and has shared what has changed. 

“There used to be a glass hall walkway off the side of the building near Walgreens and now all that is gone. Same with the front office, which has changed a lot. The office used to be across from the auditorium,” Lauren said.

When Steve was a member of the choir at ACHS, there were a few differences from the current program. ACHS had a show choir, which is no longer offered, and the Madrgial choir hosted a Madrgial dinner, one of Steve’s favorite events. 

“I really enjoyed when I went to ACHS when they used to have the Madrigal dinner and Swing Street Cafe where all of the performers could showcase their talents, and we could raise money for the arts,” Steve said. 

Steve and Lauren shared that they recently ran into two teachers who were teaching at the school when they attended a football game: Mr. Gordy and Mr. Plechauer. They shared that other than those two teachers, they haven’t encountered any other teachers since their ACHS days. However, Lauren shared that one of her friends from high school is married to Mr.Henning. Steve also shared that he was in choir with Antioch Upper-Grade School choir director Cynthia Blackowski. Blackowski and Steve worked together on many productions at the school. Blackowski is now the vocal director for the musicals at ACHS. 

Although Steve enjoyed his time in the performing arts at ACHS, he never pressured his kids to follow in his footsteps. Steve and Lauren encouraged their kids to be involved in school and let them decide what they wanted to do, but Steve loves that his daughter is adding to his legacy. However, Savannah never considered possibly graduating from her parents’ alma mater. 

‘It’s odd that I grew up living everywhere else but here, and now I get to graduate in the same place,” Savannah said.

Growing up, Savannah moved around a lot and never considered the possibility of graduating from the same high school as her parents. Savannah has enjoyed her time at ACHS and her connection to her family legacy here.

“A lot of the teachers know my parents, so they might share memories with me. It’s fun that teachers know the last name, Newcomb,” Savannah said.

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