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 When any amount of snow sticks to the ground most students hope and feel it is necessary for a snow day. From adults they feel students are never in school and conditions are safe and minimal.

No More Snow Days

Lena De Vore, Content Editor
March 3, 2020

Say it in All Caps

Mollie Wagner, Content Editor
November 19, 2019
When I was a kid, bright colors were my favorite style to wear, I always had a stuffed animal in my hand everywhere I traveled, and pigtails were my go to hair style.

I Wish to Be a Kid

Bridget Nauman, Content Editor
November 12, 2019

DAVLOGS WITH DE VORE: Homecoming Week 2019

Lena De Vore, Content Editor
November 7, 2019
Our guardians are always there for us in troubled times, even when situations become confusing or stressful. Throughout our lives, guardians can find it harder and harder to understand troubled children when their problems change.

People of Past

Olivia Gerhardt, Tom Tom Staff
November 6, 2019
Throughout the challenge I felt the need to grab my phone for no particular reason.

Tom Tom Tries: A Week Without a Phone

Izana Nordhaus, Tom Tom Staff
October 28, 2019
Feeling too much is both a blessing and a curse: a blessing because I appreciate happiness, but a curse because the pain and pressure of life easily destroy me.

The Room of Requirement

Lila Heilig, Tom Tom Staff
October 24, 2019
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